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eprepk12Recorded Books is proud to announce a partnership with leading online SAT, ACT, and PSAT test-prep provider ePrep. Created by long-time private tutor and Princeton University graduate Karl Schellscheidt, ePrep combines video answer explanations with an interactive video-based study hall to help students maximize their scores. The school version of ePrep tracks student progress on an individual, classroom, grade, and school-wide basis. Study hall progress reports allow teachers and school administrators to identify areas of academic strength and weakness across all, or part, of the student population. Schools can direct students to use ePrep independently or make ePrep part of an official school program. Students can complete ePrep assignments from school, home, or the public library.

Take a tour of ePrep and check out some of the video examples. You’ll be left wishing ePrep had been available when you were a teenager!

To celebrate our partnership, we’re giving away 25 ePrep seats to one school! To win, leave a comment below telling us how you’d use ePrep in your school and why you deserve to win. We’ll pick our favorite commenter, and that person’s school will win 25 seats in the ePrep online program! Please be sure to leave your school name and location in the body of your comment and enter a valid email address when entering your comment. Comments will close on October 30, 2009 and a winner will be announced on November 9, 2009. Please click here to read the complete contest rules.


20 Responses

  1. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites as I work with pre-service teachers at Trinity Christian College. I will let my students know of this contest (with the possiblity of using it here or taking it into schools at which they do field service). Looks like a wonderful product – and possibly very valuable for teaching candidates reviewing for basic skills tests.

  2. I am a librarian at a 9-12 high school. We would utilize e-Prep to the max! The library is the hub of activity at our school! All during the day, students register online for the SAT and ACT tests. We have an Advanced Placement coordinator that comes to the library two days a week to assist students with registering for college, tests, and scholarships. It would be a great resource for faculty, students, and staff.

  3. Hi! I am a Junior English teacher at a Title One school in central Maine. The irony is that SAT is now the standard upon which our federal funding and our Adequate Yearly Progress status depends. For many of my students, the SAT is not just a testing challenge; it also presents an economic and racial divide that they must conquer. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest. A program like yours could make the difference for our school and more importantly, our students.

  4. Hello, I am the Educational Media Specialist for Archbishop John Carroll High School and would love to use ePrep either in our English Writing Lab or on the floor of our Media Center. We are trying to implement 21st century learning standards and skills and this is a great way to promote both differentiated learning and encourages students to become responsible for their own learning. Also one of our goals for AFG is to increase our SAT scores, you can see how this would fit in.

  5. I am a junior at Trinity Christian College training to be a Special Education teacher and I believe it is so important for special education students to use ePrep because the SAT is an important test especially ever since the NCLB law passed and for Special Ed students it is a struggle to pass the SAT. ePrep would be a great way to help special ed students work out the problems and learn how to answer the problems on the test and learn how to go through the test.

  6. I am a Special Education student at Trinity Christian College and I believe that the the strength of this program is that it’s designed to make you feel like you have a 1 on 1 tutor with you every step of the way. All students learn differently, and this program looks to be a great tool for students who would benefit from extra, detailed, focused instruction that helps to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses. ePrep would be a great tool for any student and school to use to help maximize their abilities and test taking skills.

  7. Hello! I am a student at Trinity Christian College training to become an elementary/special education teacher. This program sounds wonderful and helpful for students getting ready to take the ACT or SAT test. I also think this would be great practice for college students who are training to become teachers. We have to take a basic skills test that would cover similar items from the ACT or SAT. Teachers in training need to know their stuff before they can help their future students succeed. This program would help strengthen any weak test-taking skills and anxiety that students may have before taking the test.

  8. I am a Special Education major at Trinity Christian College, and this program sounds extremely helpful. I remember how stressful standardized tests such as the ACT was, and for special education students, it must be even more stressful. This sort of practice will be beneficial to special education students and I think it really looks like a great program that I might be able to refer to my future students someday!

  9. I am a student at Trinity Christian College who is double majoring in elementary and special education. Standardized testing is a huge part of our education system today. It is also a huge source of anxiety for students, teachers, and school districts as a whole. As a future teacher this is something that affects me, and I need to consider how I will address this issue when I take on the role of an educator. I think preparing for such tests as the SATs and the ACTs can be overwhelming because it’s hard to know where to start or what to expect. ePrep is a wonderful mode through which to prepare, and I think it would give students and teachers confidence. The program is great because it guides students along in a modern way. Most preparation for these tests tends to be study sessions with a guidebook. In the technological world that we live in today that form of preparation is outdated and probably won’t benefit most students. ePrep is interactive and allows students to prepare using methods that they are familiar and comfortable with. This program is also beneficial for teachers and administrators because it allows them to track areas of strength and weakness. Teachers then know what to focus on and what areas students have already mastered. Having ePrep would give me the confidence that I was doing everything I could to prepare my students. It would also relieve some of the stress of testing by giving my students the tools to prepare.

  10. I teach English to 11th & 12th graders in a small, rural school district. We have offered SAT prep classes in the past, but because of the limited number of students (and teachers) we can not longer offer the test preparation in their daily schedules. Our past efforts have not fostered successful outcomes. The opportunity for the students to use this software individually would greatly increase their scores, I am sure. The immediate feedback and great explanation works to identify and support needed skills. Our low income students would have access to a program that they may be unable to afford, and successful SAT scores would open a world of opportunity to many of our students.
    Newfield High School
    Newfield New York

  11. I am a junior at Trinity Christian College and I am double majoring in Special Education and Elementary Education. With today’s job market we need as much help as we can get with getting our test scores up. We need our test scores to be at the highest level possible. With this prep program I believe it would be very beneficial to us. The prep is almost the same for the basic skills test which you are required to pass to be an education major. This would be very helpful to many students here at Trinity Christian College!

  12. Having just gone through test anxiety with my own child while preparing for the SAT and ACT, I knew I needed to enter. Being able to offer this study tool to students in my district would be invaluable. Many are unable to afford the test preparation books for home. Although as teachers we give our students all the test techniques we can; having a tool such as ePREP specifically for the SAT would alleviate many of the anxieties that comes with taking such an important test in a young person’s life.

  13. Hi, I am double majoring in elementary and special education at Trinity Christian College. I remember how nervous myself and my classmates were before the first time we took the ACT or SAT. I think that if we would have been able to prepare with ePREP we would have felt more prepared and it would have calmed our nerves. I really like how you can print out questions and be timed, so you can practice pacing yourself for the real test. I think that ePREP would be so beneficial for all students, but especially special education students since it is almost like having a one on one tutor. ePREP would be really helpful to the education students at Trinity because we can learn so much more about it and bring our knowledge about it into the schools we will be at in the future!

  14. I am a student at Trinity Christian College majoring in special education. I can see the benefits of ePREP as it gives a way for students to incorporate technology into their learning. And the feeling of having a one on one tutor could greatly enhance a students confidence and learning when preparing for these tests.

  15. I am a student at Trinity Christina College majoring in Education and I think it is great that ePrep tracks the progress of students and helps identify a student’s strength and weakness. I do wish that I ePrep was around when I was preparing for my ACT’s…I think students will benefit from using this program especially since it helps prepare a student for important tests like the ACT and SAT.

  16. I am a student at Trinity Christian. I am majoring in elementary education and minoring in special education. The ACT and SAT can be very stressful and difficult for some students. I remember taking those tests in high school. I didn’t prepare much for them but I always wish that I would have. I think that ePrep is a great idea, especially for struggling students or special education students. Helping the students prepare for the test could help to greatly increase the test scores.

  17. I am a Junior at Trinity Christian College and double majoring in special and elementary education. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to prepare for the SAT and ACT. As a high school student, I took an ACT prep course through my school and it was very benificial. Even though I didn’t score amazing on the test, my scores that I did recieve were well above what I could have expected if I would not have taken the prep course. This would be a great way to help students not only prepare for the tests but to boost their confidence. I believe if students go into testing like these with a high level of confidence, they will score so much higher and to me that would be well worth the program! Thanks!

  18. Hello! I am currently studying both special education and elementary education with a minor in Math Education. As I was looking through the website and the unique offerings of this program was I immediately interested. High School is a very important time for many students as they begin to understand their identity but at the same time high standards and expectations are made for the students to do well in school and high stakes test in order to go to school and eventually become successful. As I reflect back at my high school experience I remember taking prep courses for the ACT and found them to be greatly beneficial. Because I took the ACT twice, once without the prep and once after taking the prep courses my personal experiences can attest to the benefactor of the prep courses. Because these tests play a crucial role in scholarships and college acceptances, it is important that schools and educators are aware of the resources available for students to improve their test scores. This program is great because it is not only a tutorial but it helps students prepare for what the actual test will be like including similar questions and timing. ePrep is wonderful because it uses more modern approaches and allows students to interact. The most important thing for a student to have before taking a test is confidence and I think that ePrep will give students the confidence that they need in order to perform well and exceed their expectations.

  19. Hi.
    I am a Junior Special Education and Elementary Education major. The growing trend in our education is to encorporate technology in whatever ways we can. What better way than to provide a preparation course for students that want to increase their test scores. This program will lesson anxiety and fears of the test while preparing the students for one of the most important tests of their future.
    Having the experience of an ACT prep course I can attest to the benefits that I have reaped from that course. I can personally say that my score went up 5 points. I can only imagine what a technology program helping prepare students for the ACT can do. I would love to implement this program in my future classes, as I a sure my students would love to use this program. This confidence booster is exactly what all students need before they take a huge decision maker for their life.

  20. […] ePrep Winner! Posted on November 10, 2009 by recordedbooks Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway of 25 seats in ePrep, an online SAT/ACT test prep […]

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