Congratulations to our ePrep Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway of 25 seats in ePrep, an online SAT/ACT test prep program…
Betty Powell of Newfield High School, Newfield, NY

Betty said:

I teach English to 11th & 12th graders in a small, rural school district. We have offered SAT prep classes in the past, but because of the limited number of students (and teachers) we can not longer offer the test preparation in their daily schedules. Our past efforts have not fostered successful outcomes. The opportunity for the students to use this software individually would greatly increase their scores, I am sure. The immediate feedback and great explanation works to identify and support needed skills. Our low income students would have access to a program that they may be unable to afford, and successful SAT scores would open a world of opportunity to many of our students.

We’re glad to be able to offer ePrep to your school, Betty, and will be excited to see how the program works for your students.

There were so many good entries—we wish we could pick more than one! We love your ideas for using ePrep in the media center and see that the media center is often becoming the center for SAT and ACT test prep in schools. Many commenters pointed out that tool such as ePrep is a great way to ease student fears and allow them to become familiar with the test’s question types and structure before the big day, especially for more challenged students.

Elizabeth Vigue says, “For many of my students, the SAT is not just a testing challenge; it also presents an economic and racial divide that they must conquer.” Laura Roose says, “This confidence booster is exactly what all students need before they take a huge decision maker for their life.”

Kathy Hossink also pointed out the innovative method ePrep uses to engage students, saying, “The program is great because it guides students along in a modern way. Most preparation for these tests tends to be study sessions with a guidebook. In the technological world that we live in today that form of preparation is outdated and probably won’t benefit most students. ePrep is interactive and allows students to prepare using methods that they are familiar and comfortable with.”

We encourage everyone to take the ePrep tour to see what the program is all about! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Win SAT Prep for Your School!

eprepk12Recorded Books is proud to announce a partnership with leading online SAT, ACT, and PSAT test-prep provider ePrep. Created by long-time private tutor and Princeton University graduate Karl Schellscheidt, ePrep combines video answer explanations with an interactive video-based study hall to help students maximize their scores. The school version of ePrep tracks student progress on an individual, classroom, grade, and school-wide basis. Study hall progress reports allow teachers and school administrators to identify areas of academic strength and weakness across all, or part, of the student population. Schools can direct students to use ePrep independently or make ePrep part of an official school program. Students can complete ePrep assignments from school, home, or the public library.

Take a tour of ePrep and check out some of the video examples. You’ll be left wishing ePrep had been available when you were a teenager!

To celebrate our partnership, we’re giving away 25 ePrep seats to one school! To win, leave a comment below telling us how you’d use ePrep in your school and why you deserve to win. We’ll pick our favorite commenter, and that person’s school will win 25 seats in the ePrep online program! Please be sure to leave your school name and location in the body of your comment and enter a valid email address when entering your comment. Comments will close on October 30, 2009 and a winner will be announced on November 9, 2009. Please click here to read the complete contest rules.

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