WIN a Life-Size Wimpy Kid for Your Classroom!

wimpy-kid-cutoutWe were all super excited here at the office when Greg Heffley, of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame, paid us a visit (see dorky photo for proof)! And as much as we’d like to keep him here as company, we thought it might be even more fun if he could pay a visit to YOUR classroom! We do like giving things away, after all.

So we’re running a contest! One grand prize winner will receive the following:
• Life-size cardboard cutout of Greg Heffley, the wimpy kid
• One copy, on CD audiobook and in print, of each of the books in the Wimpy Kid series
Other fun goodies, like bookmarks and buttons

Three runners up will each win one copy, on CD audiobook and print book, of one of the books from the Wimpy Kid series.

Here’s what you should do to win: Tell us what you’d do if you could get Greg Heffley in your classroom! Submit your ideas as a comment here. Would you arrange a school-wide read along? Have students make their own cartoons? We’ll pick our favorites to win. The last book in the series, The Ugly Truth, will be published on November 9, 2010. The contest will close on Friday, October 22, 2010 and a winner will be announced on Monday, October 25, 2010. We’ll mail Greg Heffley and your other goodies out and you should receive them in time to celebrate the launch of The Ugly Truth!

twitter-avatar-wimpykidWhile you’re here, check out some other Wimpy Kid resources!
Watch a video interview of author Jeff Kinney
“Wimp yourself” and make your own wimpy kid character
• Follow Greg Heffley and the Wimpy Kid movie on Twitter

Winner must be a K-12 librarian or teacher. Winners will be picked by Recorded Books. U.S. entrants only, please. We reserve the right to confirm eligibility and to alter contest rules. Good luck!


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    • WOW The Wimpy Kid is so popular with kids at Hallsville; I became semi-famous because I met Jeff Kinney at Book Expo in NY when the first Wimpy Kid came out. I have an autographed copy which even my 4th and 5th grade boys treat with care and awe. If we had the Wimpy Kid at Hallsville he couldn’t stay in the resource room. He would have to travel the school and I’m sure he would want to comment on things like the Principal’s book of the Month. Maybe he could have a column in the school paper. There could be ghost writers. I’m working to get kids using audiobooks to support grade appropriate reading and I’m sure Greg could encourage them. Pick us, Pick Us Please!

  2. If Greg joined our classroom, I think we’d have to send Greg on all sorts of adventures. I can see us writing stories starring Greg (with illustrations, of course!) and sharing them with the elementary school (a montessori program) that shares our middle school’s campus.

  3. We are currently working on narrative stories so we would first work on a “New Wimpy Kid” type story. We are also working on sequencing in text so we’d love to create some drawings and cartoons that depict those stories. Greg would be a GREAT inspiration for the children. 🙂

  4. You people just come up with the GREATEST ideas (not to mention your wonderful reading resources). My pre-service teachers are all assigned to do teacher aiding right now and I am going to challenge them to talk with their teachers to allow them to enter this contest. I’m not really concerned about winning anything – just want to see what kind of creative ideas that they might come up with as a way of honoring the teacher and class to which they have been assigned and are serving. Thanks, as always, for your inspiratiion.
    Pete Post
    professor of special education
    Trinity Christian College

    • We accept your praise 🙂 Great, idea though! I can’t wait to see what teachers come up with. I know if I was a kid, I would have thought this was SO COOL o have in class! (Heck, I still think it’s pretty cool!)

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  8. We would a have a Greg Heffley day in the library and I’d have each student predict what the Ugly Truth could be and we would keep those to match against the book. I would make a display with all the books surrounding Greg and we would take pics posing with Greg and our favorite book. These would go a on a bulletin board with a “why” underneath each pic. We would serve hot chocolate and I’d have some older kids come and be Rodney’s band Loded Diaper. You would earn Heffley bucks for each activity you participated in to be entered into a drawing for a free book and CD.

  9. If the classroom that I am aiding in, at Elim Christian Services (for special needs students), won a visit from Greg, I know they would be so excited! I think that it would be neat if we could create life size “cut outs” of all the students in my class. (There are 8 of them) I would get large sheets of paper and have the students lie down on them. The paraprofessionals would help the teacher and me trace them, cut them out, glue them to cardboard, and color them. We could then have all 8 life size “cut outs” of the students along with Greg. Then we would come up with a short story/skit that involved all the students plus Greg. I also think it would be great to see if we could involve some older students (the students in my class are 4-8 years old) either from Elim, or from the public schools in the area, and have them come in help us with the skit. I think it would be cool to have the older students be the “cut out” versions of our Elim students in the skit, and that way the Elim students can see the cut-out version of themselves in action.

  10. I am currently aiding at Elim Christian Services which is a school for special needs students. The classroom I am in is filled with children between the ages of 10-13. If they were to win a visit from Greg, I would make sure to share that one in a kind experience with the entire school to enjoy. I would ask my students thought create their own cartoons with neat illustrations to share with Greg while he visits. My students all like to draw so I think they would really enjoy the chance to show off their artistic side, especially for someone like Greg. I would ask Greg to read his story to all the students in the gymnasium for the entire student body to enjoy. I feel that the kids at Elim would truly enjoy this once in a lifetime experience and they would never forget the day that Greg Hefferly came to visit them at school.

  11. I am currently aiding at Elim Christian Services which is a school for children and young adults with special needs (I am aiding in Mrs. Seegerts room). The classroom i am in has 8 boys ages 10-13. I know they would be excited because most of the boys enjoy reading at some level, some more than others, but they all really enjoy books with illustrations. I would have the class come together to create their own diary but not just any diary. It would be titled “Diary of a Special Kid” and the contents of the diary would be special and one of a kind. I would have all the students at the end of the day write a diary entry. It would be something that they enjoyed for the day, something that happened, something that was bad, or pictures. The students would write in the form of communication they use. This could include hand written, board maker, pictures, or other types of communication. Every page would look different. In the case of my class all my students they would hand write their entry, with the help of the teacher and paraprofessionals. But it would be nice if I could get other classes involved to make the book really unique with different types of communication entries. Every entry would be unique. Some would rather draw than write and every student has different good and bad experiences of the day. This book would be read to Greg by the students and given to him at the end of his visit. This would be an experience of a lifetime for both my students and Greg if he came to visit our class.

  12. I am currently teacher aiding at Elim Christian School in Palos Heights, Illinois in a classroom of 8. If my aiding class had the opportunity for Greg Heffley to visit, I would have them create their own diary. Two to three weeks before he comes, my students, during independent writing, would write a journal entry everyday. There are enough teachers, paras, and aides in the room that would be able to work one on one with the students in order to get their ideas down on paper. These diaries can be a made up story of a “wimpy kid” (or another title that they come up with) or it can be real life situations/feelings that happened to the students throughout the day. I would really encourage students to use their own lives when writing their journal entries. For example, some of the students in my class are participating in cross country, so they would be able use that idea as a base writing in one of their entries. As educators we would need to make sure that they write something they are willing to share to the class on the day of Greg’s visit. The students are also able to draw pictures for their entry or in support of their entry. After two to three weeks the teachers would bind the journal entries and make it into a published diary. The students would then be able to pick two of their favorite entries to read to the class and Greg, just like story time was when they were younger. The class would have an author’s chair that would put them in a “special” authoritative position. To wrap up the special occasion with the visitor we would send the diaries that we created, as a gift for coming to visit our class, to Greg and the author of A Diary of Wimpy Kid series.

  13. I would love to have Greg in my classroom. We would set up our own class diary, oops I mean journal, and write to Greg. I wonder what he would write back?

    I would imagine that Greg would want to visit other classes as well.

  14. Our middle school would LOVE to have Greg as a new student! He’d fit right in with all the rest of us ‘wimpy kids’ at heart! I’d put him to work in our book fair signing autographed copies of his JOURNALS, and answering other kids’ questions about pressing life issues, such as today’s lunchroom choice: soup and sandwich? or “enchilada surprise?” We have large windows facing the street, so we have plenty of room for a life-size standee of Greg to grace the front of our library. Please enter us in your contest! 🙂

  15. I would set up a “secret daily schedule” for Greg. Then I would place him around the school “doing” various things throughout the day. As students travel around the school to activities, lunch, playtime, classes..they would have the opportunity to spot him. Each class spotting him would write down where they spotted Greg and what he was up to along with their grade level. At the end of the week, the grade with the most “I spotted Greg ____ doing _____!” submissions would win. The winning grade would get to have Greg in their classrooms and use the audiobooks for a reward for a week (we have around 8 classes in each grade K-5). Then I would start the contest again with the same rules. It could run as a yr long contest that all of the student body could be involved in and enjoy!

  16. As a seventh grade language arts teacher, I try in many ways to encourage my students to read. One of the ways I do this is by purchasing books that they request. I have had, over the past two years many requests for the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I have purchased out of pocket several copies of each of the books, but they have been read to death. So, one thing that I would do is set up a display in my classroom featuring Greg for a part of the year. Later, Greg could move to our school media center where he could be enjoyed by all three grade levels.
    As a language arts teacher my students have a goal of reading 75 books during the year. Reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series helps many of them to get a good start toward this goal, so additional books or the motivation of having Greg in the classroom would be beneficial to each of my students.

  17. Greg would travel throughout the Del Valle district and record his travels on his own blog. Select DVMS students would accompany Greg and take photos of him to create fictional or informations situations. For example, Greg could be photagraphed at the crosswalk with the crossing guard. The students would create a posting that illustrates safety at the crosswalk. The same idea would be used where ever Greg appeared. Students could recreate situations from the books or new ones. Students that had not read the Wimpy Kid series would be introduced to a new series and several would reread.

  18. We are recognizing National Bully Prevention Day/Week while we kick off our Anti-Bullying program in our school district. I would love to have Greg show up to show the kids that in life there is hope and that we should all get along and help each other. Greg could travel between the five buildings and various grade levels in our district. I would like it if the room/class/building that showed the best positive antibullying behavior would win his presence the next week/2weeks/month–time at one location would minimize as we got more and more locations involved in positive changes. Greg is loved by all ages!

  19. If Greg could visit our room, he would fit in amazingly with the other students. We are working on “Bucket Filling”, so we would help fill Greg’s bucket by helping him learn our Daily 5 reading routing and also help him fill buckets by being kind to others. My students love the Wimpy Kid series, so Greg would feel right at home in our room.

  20. We would have a Greg Heffley Day with many activities that the students could do throughout the day. There would be stations for the following activities:
    *Cartoon drawing
    *Creative writing corner
    *Jeopardy game on Wimpy series books
    *Guidance activities about bullying and safety
    *Make a time capsule that could be opened at the high school graduation of each class
    *Reading corner where guest reader (superintendent, town mayor, etc.) would read sections of Wimpy Kid books
    At the end of the day, all students would be given bookmarks.

  21. I am the literacy coach at Lakeside Elementary and would love to involve the school in a Wimpy Kid week. I would like to move the cut out around the school to pop up unexpectedly, so all the classes could participate in activities. We might read from Wimpy kid at lunch to peak interest. I would like for my struggling readers to watch the interview with Jeff Kinney and then create their own interview with Greg. We would broadcast the interview on the morning announcements to kick off the festivities. I would like to have my younger students draw themself as a character to add into a wimpy kid adventure, which we would write either as a shared book or an individual story depending on the level. I would like to turn their adventures in to a podcast for parent’s to view. Finally to end the week with a celebration on “your favorite wimpy story” and I’ve been known to create some wimpy cookies.

  22. I am the teacher-librarian at Ursa Major Elementary, located on an Army post near Anchorage, Alaska. If Greg came to our school, we would have a Greg or other character look-alike contest. The winner would have the life-size poster in his/her classroom for one month and a personal copy of The Ugly Truth. After the month, the poster would reside in the library promoting reading. UM students love reading Wimpy books!

  23. If the Bayfield School District library were to be awarded the life-sized cutout of the character Greg Heffley we would use it to help our students role-play. A cut-out of the character would help make learning character education fun, interesting and easy to relate to for middle school students. In the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Greg deals with the pressures of starting middle school. He is constantly re-inventing himself in an attempt to be more popular and to gain status on the social ladder. Greg learns the hard way, with a little help from his friend Rowley, that it is ok to be yourself. Middle school can be a stressful and confusion transition for any student. Greg would teach our students, through role-playing, that if you simply “be yourself” that people will like you.

  24. If Greg came to Fairview Elementary school, we would begin by doing an author study on Jeff Kinney. Then we would listen to a Diary of a Wimpy Kid audiobook . We would respond to the book by making our own diaries (complete with illustrations) in which we would tell how we would have handled one of the situations Greg was faced with in the book. We would end with a celebration in honor of the publication of the last book in the series, The Ugly Truth. We would invite guest readers and the media and end the day with a book character parade–led by none other than Greg himself!!

  25. We homeschool so this would be a GREAT inspiration for my kids. We journal daily and I encourage them to journal in a similar manner as the Wimpy Kid. I think the stories and humurous doodling is a terrific way for kids to express themselves!

  26. I work with inner-city middle students who are learning English as a second language. I have been able to have a classroom library, and my copies of Greg’s travails are never on my shelf! He motivates readers! If we won a cutout of Greg, I think my students would not only be motivated to read more Greg, they would also be able to craft their own stories starring Greg and themselves. Perhaps we could have an “Invite Greg” contest to see who could invite Greg to be a part of an important family tradition, like Three Kings in December. I just know that winning Greg would be a huge blast to me and my students.

  27. If I could get Greg Heffley to my school, I would have him visit with students to get more ideas for a NEW book in the Wimpy Kid series. We’d have the counselor present to talk about bullying and why it is so prevalent in our society. We’d talk about the importance of keeping a journal or diary to write down our experiences or feelings, and how we can always go back to them as resource material for future writing projects. I think kids (and adults) could learn a lot from a knowledgeable guy like Greg! 🙂

  28. What if…..? What if Greg Heffley came to Memorial Middle School? What if Greg started his own writer’s notebook? What if Greg created his own entries with the help of various students who “worked along side Greg for a day? What if Greg got students motivated to write, write, write so much they didn’t want to stop? What if Greg moved from classroom to classroom over the course of the year? What if Greg started his own blog and students responded? What if Greg welcomed the students his first day at school in the hall as they disembarked from the buses? What if Greg was a guest editor for the school newspaper? What ifs? The possibilities are ENDLESS. Can’t wait to have Greg visit our classrooms at Memorial! Can’t wait to see the faces of our students as he joins us as an MMS Mustang! Can’t wait to read all the writing that is produced just because of Greg’s presence!!!

  29. OMG if Greg came to my school it would generate an electricity through out the building. First off he would be the center of a photo shoot cause of course everyone of my students would want to be seen with him. Those photos would be posted with their favorite whimpy kid moments through out the upper grade hall. Naturally Greg will be giving away his latest book to the team of 4 who win the ” Battle of the Wimpy Kid-a-thon” and the winners of original whimpy kid stories.

  30. I am an aide in Ashley Kuzel’s classroom. This class is a special needs class and all of the students use a device to speak with. In this class we would read a wimpy kid book to the students and have the children have parts in the book when they would participate. The students would have a couple of words or a sentence that they would be cued to have their device say for them so that they could participate in the reading of the book. And of course all of the students in the classroom will want to take a group picture with Greg to put up in their class.

  31. As a pre-service teacher I am currently aiding at Elim Christian School in Sara Baillie’s classroom. I think having Greg come to our classroom would be an exciting opportunity. All six students in the class I am aiding in enjoy drawing. The first thing I would do would be having a classroom read along. I would definitely have the students make their own comics or drawings to go along with the story, as well. Along with reading the new book, I think it would be a great time to do some creative writing with Greg. The students could act out scenes and writing their own endings. One of the underlying themes in the book is about bullying. I think having Greg come to visit our classroom would pose a great opportunity to talk about bullying and safety. Also, I would share Greg with the rest of the school, having a school wide reading and creative writing day! Having Greg come visit the classroom would be just great!

  32. Greg’s first ride in a limo….maybe the setting for his next adventure!!
    I am the elementary librarian at McConnellsburg Elementary. I am also the coordinator of the Accelerated Reader program. As an incentive this year, I am challenging the students to earn 100 points by March 1st. With “Greg” as an added incentive, the students could get their pictures taken with him when they reach the goal. Also, Greg could attend the special reward celebration with us for 100 points….a limo ride to McDonald’s for lunch. Maybe Jeff Kinney could join us….wow!!
    They could then journal to Greg their celebration highlights!!

  33. I am currently observing in an Elim School classroom (Kate McLaurin’s room). The students all use communication devices, and are currently learning basic skills such as weather and days of the week. We would first watch the movie together so the children know who “Greg” is. Because we have a “morning meeting” every day, I would then make some different-weather clothes to put on Greg and we would dress him for the weather each day. I would make outfits for extreme cold, snow, rain, and sunshine. I think the kids would have fun if I put choices on each child’s device for them to say what Greg should wear that day. This would be a great daily “real-life” learning activity!

  34. I am an education student at Trinity Christian College and I am currently teacher aiding in Kristina Bykerk’s classroom at Elim. If I could get Greg Heffley in my room, I would make the whole day centered on him. First, when the students arrived, I would introduce them all to Greg and tell them why he was visiting the classroom. Then we would read part of one of his diaries together as a class. After reading about the struggles that Greg faced in school, the students would discuss whether they have faced the same struggles and what they did about them. Through this, Greg would be helping the students understand their feelings and frustrations. After reading about his school year, the students would also be able to look up to him as their model and understand that they are special just the way that they are, no matter what other people think of them. To help the students remember their discussion and the conclusions that they reached about their identity, I would have them write in a diary like Greg did. At the end of the day, I would organize a read-along for the entire school so that everyone could share in the experience of having the wimpy kid visit our school.

  35. I am a special education major at Trinity Christian College, and I am currently aiding in Stephanie Baltrusis’s class at Elim Christian School. Elim is a school for children and young adults with special needs, and I am aiding in the 5-9 year old class in the autism program. These are the top five reasons Greg Heffley should come to Elim.
    5.) Elim has a pool, a gym, and a special sensory gym. It’s lots of fun!
    4.) The kids at Elim love visitors and are very welcoming. They would be very happy to meet Greg.
    3.) Greg would get a chance to see what Elim Christian School is like, and by hearing or reading his books, the kids at Elim would get to learn about Greg’s school. Everybody would learn about new places and different kinds of schools.
    2.) Elim has an adaptive library, and through the audiobooks, many kids who didn’t have the opportunity before would get to meet Greg.
    1.) Throughout his adventures in middle school, Greg learns that it is more important to be true to yourself than to be popular. The kids at Elim do not judge based on looks or popularity status, and they would remind Greg that the best thing you can be is yourself!

  36. What would I do if Greg Heffley could come into our classroom? I would probably try to write a super funny animal version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. For example, Greg could be a mutt, Rowley could be a Bulldog-Chihuahua mix (no offense, Rowley), and Fregley could be a hamster! The only problem is, I’m only sort of a good writer, but I know that my friends and classmates will help me. I really like the Diary of a Wimpy Kids series. It would be a lifetime experience for me to win because I’ve never won a competition before.

  37. I am currently teacher aiding at Elim Christian School in a classroom of 8 high schoolers. I think it would be terrific to have Greg in my class, the kids would love to spend time with and interact with him. My kids are very high functioning and love to talk and ask questions. I think it would be an amazing time if we all just had a discussion and could as Greg questions. They could ask him about how he felt during certain situations that he has been through and could learn from him. I also think the kids would love to get questions from Greg as well. These kids have a ton to offer and have been through alot, so not only would my children benefit and love having Greg around for a day, I think Greg would also get alot out of the time with my students as well.

  38. Hello, I am currently a Special Education major at Trinity Christian College and I am teacher aiding at Elim Christian School. I think a visit from Greg would be an amazing experience! I am in a class for eight highschoolers that are low incidence. I think that everyone on of them can benefit from this visit. I think something that could be fun is if every child was given the opportunity a cut out of Greg and can color him and make their own stories out of different pages that I would put together so that each story was their own. I also think that if my teacher’s room wins that the whole school should be able to met Greg! I think that we should have a week devoted to the stories and each class will have Greg for a day and share and being able to ask questions. I think this really could be a blast for Elim.
    Thank you!

  39. I am a special education and elementry education major at Trinity Christian College. I am currently aiding in Miss Nezzles class at Elim Christian School. Having Greg for the day would be alot of fun. As a class we would read some of his journal entrys out loud. We would compare them to our own life experiences because we know Greg is not alone and in some way or another we have all experienced things like Greg did. We would take pictures with Greg to show that not everyone is the same and that we are all unique. Even though Greg came to visit our classroom we would share him with all the other classrooms so that they know about Greg and get to meet him.

  40. I’m a student from Trinity Christian College, currently teacher aiding at Elim Christian School. I’m working in a low-incidence 3-5th grade class. The students in the class are non-verbal and most are in wheelchairs or require assistance walking, and they’re all very bright! If Greg were to come to our classroom, I think it’d be really fun to set up a fitness day. It could teach Greg how to go from ‘wimpy’ to strong! The students could demonstrate all the neat things they can do like ride a bike, use their head or arms for their communication devices, and the neat things they do in therapy! They could also keep a diary of physical challenges they must overcome from day to day.

  41. I am currently teacher-aiding at Elim Christian Services to a class of 7 high-schoolers. A visit from Greg would be so exciting for my students! They love having visitors. In our class we would color pictures from our favorite Wimpy Kid Diaries books and decorate the classroom for Greg’s visit. We would also come up with some ideas for some more books about Greg. I think the students would really enjoy this!

  42. I am a Special Ed. teacher in a K-8 school in New Haven, Ct. I work at Ross-Woodward Magnet School. I work with many different forms of disabilities. If Greg would to come to our school, I would ask my students to pretend they are a Wimpy kid and the different things they would do? They could draw a picture or write about being a Wimpy who has been Bullied. Right now our school is working on bulling in the schools. What would the Wimpy Kid do about this problem. Then I would take it school wide and try to find solutions by using your character. Then we would explain that not even Wimpy Kids should have to go through this, and what solutions they may have and how to make a Wimpy Kid a Safe Kid. Maybe we should take it all across the U.S. He may be able to help where no one else can. They could leave notes on the life size cut out and give suggestions on how to stop bulling.

  43. Hi, I am an Elementary and Special Education student at Trinity Christian College. Right now I am aiding in Vinnie Adams middle grades classroom at Elim Christian School. Having Greg Heffley in our classroom would be a great experience for the students! The students in the classroom like to read and really like listening to Vinnie to read. The students also like to draw as well. I would first start off by reading one of the books in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Most of the students in the classroom probably have not read the books yet, so I would want to get them familiar with the series. While reading the book, I would go over bullying and teasing with the students. I would let them know what bullying looks like, what they should do if they are being bullied or teased, and what they should do if they see someone else being bullied or teased. Brining the counselor into one of these discussions would be a great resource. They can help instruct the students what to do when bullying occurs. After reading the book and discussing it, I would have the students make their own stories/cartoons. Since they are in special education, the cartoons would be short and simple. The students would either write a story or draw a comic that has to deal with bullying. The students could write about children who are being teased and how other people can help them. After the students create their masterpieces, I would have day where they would show off their work. Each student would get a chance to read their story or cartoon to the class and share with them how the bullying was overcome. I would also try to get their work published in some sort of educational magazine or on a website to show them that their work is really valued in the classroom. All the while, the cutout of Greg Heffley would be there to motivate and inspire the students.

  44. We are so excited for Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5. All my students have preordered the book. We are going to wear purple to celebrate the new book. If Greg joined our class, it would make it all the more exciting. I teach a fifth grade inclusion class and I think a visual representation of the main character will be so great for them. I would have students write “Ugly Truths” that are stated in the book on posted notes and place them on Greg. Student would then create a cartoon character of themselves and come up with “ugly truths”. If students wish to share their “Ugly Truths” we will have a discussion about the ugly truths that surround us. I would have a student stand behind Greg and speak for him. After this discussion, we will create a skit. We will video tape the skit, (with Greg in it) and show it to the school. The skit will have a message on bullying to help students have the confidence to tell someone or find help.

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  46. I work at a public library where Greg Heffley could be viewed and appreciated by many patrons that grace our doorway!! We would promote Greg and his “Wimpy Kid” books by having a movie night for families and offering games relating to his many adventures through out the series, before during (for the little ones who can’t sit still long enough:) and after the show. Please consider our facility as a home for Greg. The prize books you are offering would also make EXCELLENT door prizes for families that evening!!!

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