Have You Listened to a Banned Book Lately?

have you listened to a banned book lately?

Celebrate banned books week by reading or listening to a banned book this week. See a list of some banned books available on audio from Recorded Books HERE and check out some links on censorship HERE.

If you’re listening to a banned book (one that’s on the list or not!), copy the image above to link to this blog post and share how you’re celebrating Banned Books Week. Your trackback will be shown in the comments section, or you can leave a comment linking to your blog post below. We’ll pick some of our favorites to win a copy of a banned (audio)book!

Here are some additional resources you might find useful:
Top 10 Things to Do with a Banned Text
-Several books have recently been challenged, and Twitter users and bloggers are rallying against it. Here’s a great list of resources about the current challenge and about banned/challenged books in general (plus several more giveaways).

One Response

  1. Thanks for linking to my list! Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d reach a point where we didn’t have to talk about banned books each fall?

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