ELL and ESL Resources

Looking for free and inexpensive resources for your ELL/ESL students, or grants and funding options for your ELL/ESL classroom? Check out the Big Deal eBook for Educators of English Language Learners!

Here’s just a sampling of the great links you’ll find inside:
• View the free demo DVD of the Parent/Teacher Kon-ver-SAY-shun Kit: Conversation Starters in English and Spanish, a color-coded flip chart with bilingual scripts on school issues. http://www.bentiva.com
• Provide opportunities for your English learners to interact with environmental print, such as street signs. In this free lesson from ReadWriteThink, students read words found on everyday objects and use them to identify individual letters. They then create captions for an electronic book with preselected logos and illustrations. Finally, they create an original little book choosing their own logos, captions and images. http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/stop-signs-mcdonald-cheerios-949.html
• Make phonics fun for your ESL students with free phonics games, phonics worksheets, and reading and spelling games from Fun Fonix. The resources are organized into an introduction (hard consonants and short vowels) and three printable books: short vowels, digraphs and long vowels with silent e. The ebooks are supplemented with a worksheet maker. http://www.funfonix.com


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