Students Look to Byki for Language Learning Success

Recently, our consultant Paula Roman held several demo sessions for our language leaning product Byki in local public libraries. Byki is an online language learning tool available for purchase from Recorded Books for public libraries and K-12 schools. It can be incorporated into a foreign language or ESL curriculum, or simply made available so students can practice skills on their own.

In the Palm Beach County library, Paula was greeted by a flock of students looking for something to do after the middle school across the street let out. Several of the students happened to be learning Arabic and quickly set up an account with Byki, which offers an Arabic course. One student, the 11-year-old son of Arabic-speaking immigrants, was especially excited to have Byki around.

byki-palm beach

Palm Beach County middle school students practice Arabic with Byki

Paula spoke with many others interested in Byki’s services, including:

  • A 74 year-old woman in West Boynton who was getting ready to take a barge trip in France and wanted to brush up on her French
  • Two very energetic mature women who just loved the sound of Italian and wanted to learn more
  • A man with both Finnish and Irish roots who wanted to have a basic understanding of both languages
  • At least 4 home-schooling moms who registered their children to learn everything from Spanish to German to Portuguese-Brazilian
  • A young woman who was about to go to Haiti to help with the rebuilding

After visiting five Palm Beach County branches, Paula got requests for almost 50% of the languages BYKI offers, including Malay, Urdu, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Korean, Tagalog, and Afrikaans! 

If you’d like more information on any of our language learning products, including versions for ESL students, please contact us.

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