Children’s Summer Reading Recommendations

Children's Summer Reading
There are lots of fun and exciting titles coming out this summer. Pique your students’ interest and keep them reading over summer vacation by suggesting they try audiobooks. They’re perfect for students to listen to on their MP3 players during long car rides to the beach! This week we’ll feature Children’s titles, and next week we’ll recommend YA summer reading titles.

Starred titles are special favorites of our editors here at Recorded Books! Titles are listed in order of anticipated release.

To WIN one of these titles upon publication, leave a comment below sharing how you encourage your students to read over summer vacation. We’ll pick one commenter to win! Drawing will be held Friday, May 14 at 12:00PM EDT.

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  1. I make up reading lists for K-2 and 3-6 and then during the summer I post reguarly to my school blog about what I am reading and what I have found/heard about that they might like.

    This summer I am going to challenge them to keep track of what they read and offer prizes (bookmarks, erasers, pencils) for books read at the end of the summer.

  2. I have email discussions with individual students about books they read. I have a few students from 5 years ago who still email me and tell me about their favorites or ask for book recommendations.

  3. This year we are having an additional bookfair to promote the celebration of reading and promote getting books for summer.

    I promote the public library summer reading program.

    I send home a letter to let parents know more about research related to reading at least four or more books during the summer months and how it affects retention and learning the following year. I make suggested lists for reading.

    I promote the state reading award books both during library time and on the letter going home to parents.

    I have a blog for parents, students, and staff to write about what they are reading. Additionally I invite all to join the group for our school.

    And finally I have a paperback book exchange the week before school is out. Kids bring in books they have outgrown or books they have finished. They get to choose someone else’s book. One book for one book.

  4. I’m partnering with our PTA to have a summer reading program.
    We are planning to post reading lists on our library media center web site and also send home a newsletter with reading lists for grades PreK-Grade5.
    Some will be read aloud suggestions and independent reading lists.

    In August when the students and parents come to our school for fee day, we will reward the ones who reach their reading goals.

  5. This year we will be joining Scholastic Books in breaking the world record for reading with the Summer Reading Challenge

  6. […] up on last week’s list of great upcoming children’s book releases, this week we’re featuring young adult titles. Suggest these titles, easy to add to an MP3 […]

  7. At the end of the school year I give students a blank postcard, addressed to me and stamped. I ask them to tell me about any great books they read over the summer. They should tell me about the book and then draw an illustration for the book on the front of the card. In the Fall when students return I create a bulletin board that my ex students come back and visit and my new students are motivated by.

  8. Near the end of the school year, I have a list of books from different genera’s for both boys and girls. We decide as a group which book apperas to be the most interesting to read. As an incentive for summer reading, I arrange a luncheon for anyone who reads the book to attend. We read the books, have a deadline, then meet for lunch, which I pay for. We meet for an afternoon of great discussion and good food. It’s our own special “Book Club.”

  9. Share copies of advances gathered at BookExpo NY @ the end of May. The kids are thrilled to have titles which have not been released yet:)

  10. Besides a list of recommended titles and authors, we do a battle of the books- students compete against each other based on their knowledge of the books. They get the list of 12 books before the end of school and I encourage them to read them over the summer. We also sponsor a book fair in June that inlcudes the books. I always tell the students that listening to the books on tape counts too!

  11. I teach on a monthly based theme…in june we start choosing which theme we want to learn about collectively…then we research books on the topic; sci fi, historical, plays, fict, nonfiction, poetry on the theme.
    children love researching and finding souces that they are interested in…every student must read a min of three different types of texts…and we communicate by email over the summer…brief write ups on their source…in sept we celebrate and share our findings with a theme based party!! this is an esl program which ranges from kg-5th…kids love to be in charge and to have a focus to work toward…summer reading can be both fun and rewarding:)

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