In Remembrance of Sid Fleischman

We here at Recorded Books are saddened by the passing of wonderful children’s book author Sid Fleischman. Fleischman died on March 17, 2010 at 90 years old. Before becoming an author, Fleischman worked as a professional magician, served in World War II, and was a journalist.

Already a successful adult novelist and screenwriter, in 1962 he decided to write a children’s book so that his own children would better understand what he did all day. After having been half-heartedly sent to his agent, the tale sold and Flesichman’s career writing for children began. He shared that he was especially touched by the letters that his young readers would send him: “their letters are wonderful. They make you feel like Shakespeare must have felt when he heard the applause.”

We’ll miss you, Sid!

The Whipping Boy – 1987 Newbery Medal Winner

Jim Ugly by Sid Fleischman

Bo and Mzzz Mad by Sid Fleischman

Bandit’s Moon by Sid Fleischman

Sid is the father of Newbery Award-winning poet Paul Fleischman. They are the only father and son to both win the Newbery Medal. For lesson plans and free audio from Paul’s Newbery Medal winner Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, CLICK HERE.

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