Scott Westerfeld Offers Book for Free

ugliesBest-selling author Scott Westerfeld is offering the first book in his Uglies series, Uglies, for free in PDF form on his blog through the end of the month. Go HERE to download. This is a great opportunity – download the book and keep it on hand to share with students on computers, in printed form, or on Kindles, iPods, and eReaders.

Recorded Books offers all the books in the Uglies series on audio: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras, and they are definitely worth a listen. I’ve actually read Uglies and Pretties myself, and Westerfeld has created a world in this books that is wholly unique, but his characters are still so realistic and likable that you can’t help but be drawn in. The issues brought up in the book would also make some great classroom discussion. Is the Pretty-making surgery a good thing? What exactly does it entail? Are those who don’t want to be Pretty subject to the punishment of the law, or should they have a choice? If the Pretties seem happy, is there really anything wrong with the surgery? Purchase the RB Teacher’s Guide for $1.25 for lesson ideas, worksheets, and quizzes.

Here’s our description of Uglies:

Tally Youngblood is quickly approaching her 16th birthday and the mandatory pretty-making surgery that accompanies it. But Tally isn’t sure if she wants to be a placidly happy Pretty. When a top secret organization threatens her with remaining Ugly forever, she reluctantly spies on the rebels who have refused the surgery. They think it changes more than just looks and are working on a cure. But they need someone to become Pretty to test it out.

“Teens will sink their teeth into the provocative questions … [in this] high concept YA fiction that has wide appeal.”—Booklist, starred review

And don’t forget about our August Audiobook Giveaway! Contest ends this Friday, August 14, 2009.


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