Download National Poetry Month freebies today!


In celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re giving away excerpts and accompanying activities for some of our favorite poetry on audio for K-12. Poetry on audio is a great way to introduce students to poetry—they hear proper meter, diction, and pronunciation, allowing them to more easily analyze complex figurative language. If you use this or other audio in your classroom, leave a comment to this post telling us how and you’ll be entered to win one of 10 audiobooks on CD! (See the end of this post for details.) All of the audiobooks mentioned in this post are available unabridged from Recorded Books.

spokenartsThe Spoken Arts Treasury Volume 2: 100 Modern American Poets Reading Their Poetry
AudioFile Earphones Award Winner
Bonus Audio Download!: “Falling Asleep Over the Aeneid” by Robert Lowell (text version)
Audio Excerpt: “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes (text and additional audio)
Lesson Plan: Narration Comparison and Close Reading

locomotionLocomotion by Jacqueline Woodson
AudioFile Earphones Award Winner, National Book Award Finalist (Young People’s Literature), Coretta Scott King Honor Book
Audio Excerpt: List Poem
Lesson Plan: Write Your Own List Poem

joyfulnoiseJoyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleischman
Newbery Award Winner
See our past posts for four sets of complete lesson plans, plus the entire downloadable audiobook!
Lesson Plans 1: Identify how form influences function.
Lesson Plans 2: Descriptive Verbs, Alliteration, Metaphors and Similes
Lesson Plans 3: Point of View
Lesson Plans 4: Meter, Rhythm, and Tempo

ifyourenotIf You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand: Poems About School by Kalli Dakos
An International Reading Association Children’s Choice
Audio Excerpt: Hiding in the Bathroom & A Lifetime in Third Grade
Lesson Plan: Point of View and Figurative Language (2 pages)

We’re giving away 10 audiobooks in honor of National Poetry Month! 10 winners will get to choose one audiobook on CD from the 4 titles featured in today’s post (or another title, if you’re not feeling poetic!). What do you need to do to win?

27 Responses

  1. What a great giveaway! I could use any of these in my classroom, but I especially like If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand.

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com

  2. Would love to win any of these for our school library. We had a group of students perform some of Fleischman’s wonderful Poems for Two Voices, so Joyful Noise is a favorite.

  3. Just tweeted!

    Next audio project: kindergarten kids learning Mother Goose rhymes

  4. April is our favorite month! We have poetry activities district wide. We would love to have some Recorded Books!

  5. I don’t have many followers, but the ones I have are awesome!

  6. Would love to win any of these, I’d gift it up to my father who teaches.

  7. This is wonderful! I have the book Joyful Noise and it is so interesting to hear it spoken by someone other than myself and my kids!

  8. I also just twittered about this contest here

  9. What a wonderful giveaway. My teachers and students would be so excited if I told them we had one any one of the four CDs, Poetry is especially enjoyalbe when one can listen to it done by professional readers.

  10. This is a great contest. I would love to share If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand.

  11. Our junior high school struggling readers love recorded books. Recorded Books have helped so many of our kids improve their skills and, even better, learn to love reading! We’d love to have poetry recordings to supplement our classroom library!
    –cheers for recorded books!!

  12. I love reading to my classes, but audio recordings really bring books to life. I have seen reluctant readers embrace the stories, build on their vocabulary, and take the leap into challenging independent reading.

  13. We have been doing state testing in the mornings and listening to poetry in the afternoons. It would be nice to have some new offerings for the library!

  14. love the poetry – audiobooks let the kids hear it the way it should be

  15. Would really like this for the library. I’m wanting to begin a listening area for students that need to have materials read to them. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. We live on a military base overseas. Many of the families here are bilingual/bicultural. I think audio books is a great help for language learners.
    My own children have enjoyed learning about ancient history and know that I’ll stop to watch any bird that flies by, so I’m looking forward to sharing “Falling Asleep over the Aeneid” with them.

    lrielage at gmail dot com

  17. Blogged

    Time to haul out the poetry anthologies.

    lrielage at gmail dot com

  18. I would love to win as I do family child care and we read poetry every as I love poetry. It is hard to be able to afford books and cds on just my income. Thanks Susan

  19. Gosh, I’d completely forgotten about Joyful Noise, but used to use that in my classroom. Language Arts and special needs kids was hard, but the poetry units were even harder. Joyful Noise helped make sense of it for my students — especially when we combined it with the units on Butterflies or Mealworms. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. What a nice idea for a giveaway!

  21. […] Popular Posts Enter to win! Or download National Poetry Month freebies today!FREE Audio & Lesson Plans for Joyful NoiseFree audio and lesson plan for Bridge to […]

  22. I just got my copy of the Spoken Arts Treasury. I’m really looking forward to listening to all of these. I would suggest that a brief track list with poem title and author would be a welcome addition to this set. iTunes recognizes the titles of each track, but this would not help if playing on a regular CD player.

  23. Great suggestion, Sebastian! I’ll pass it on.

  24. I swear by audio books. I use them once a week with our reading series.

  25. I love audio books!!!!!

  26. i like audio books ..wud love to have another story!!! help improve on my english though!!

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