International Children’s Digital Library

logo_color_border_thumbThis morning on Twitter I ran across a link for the International Children’s Digital Library. The site looks wonderful! Just check out the simple search function for a fun way to browse books by level, cover color, and more. There's even a great selection of books in different languages (see the Arabic selections)—imagine all the ways these could be used in the classroom! Introduce students to how the language looks, have them make predictions, use for students who are learning a foreign language, or provide some reading in an ESL speaker’s native language.

I thought at first that this would be much like Project Gutenberg. While Gutenberg does have a great selection of public domain children’s literature, ICDL goes much further (keep in mind that they aren’t all public domain, there is a licensing agreement). Choose a book either by searching or browsing, click “read this book” and you’ll see small images of all the pages, then start at page one and flip through full-screen images of all the pages. See this example of Walter Dean Myers’ Harlem.

Any ideas about how you can use this resource in your classroom or library?


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