Read Across America Day is March 2!

readacrossRead Across America Day is March 2 this year. Each year on or near Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss)’s birthday, the National Education Association sponsors this event in the hopes of allowing every child to be read to by a caring adult. This is a wonderful cause, and this year I’ll be participating by reading to a bunch of third graders from White Marsh Elementary.

I’ll also leave behind some audiobooks for them. We all know the benefits of reading aloud to children (see here, here, and here)—and while not all of these same benefits are found in listening to audiobooks, many (even most) of them are. Listeners still get help with fluency, comprehension, and motivation by listening to a modeled reading through an audiobook, especially when they follow along with the printed text. It’s not a substitute for reading aloud to students, but it’s a great tool that allows students to read aloud independently!

Read Across America is on facebook and has a twitter account (but as of today they’ve only tweeted once), so check them out there. If you’re tweeting on Monday about the event, try to use the hash tag #readacross so we can all follow along. Or share below: What are your plans for Read Across America?

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