Room for Inspiration

Where does creative genius take place? What does a writer’s room look like? I stumbled across a mention of this video on the wonderful Fuse #8 blog from School Library Journal. After a bit more research I found this extension of the video from the Guardian (UK). I was then reminded of a blog I have bookmarked and check occasionally – On My Desk focuses more on artists and designers, but it’s still a great insight into the creative mind.

Here’s my desk (click for larger images)! Lots of turtles, since I graduated from the University of Maryland, and lots of plants. Also a few reminders of a place I’d almost always rather be – the beach!

And here’s the desk of Jean Stephens, also from the schools department here. I had to step back a bit to get all of her impressive plant into the frame!

So what does your desk look like? Post a pic as a comment! It might be a fun and revealing exercise to ask students to do the same for their desks or bedrooms.

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