Integrating Audio into Your Teaching Strategies

We got some great answers when our Recorded Books website survey asked teachers…
How do you integrate audiobooks into your teaching strategy?

“I use the stories to help the students practice important concepts like comprehension, summary, character plot and development. I also like to expose them to a good story that they wouldn’t read otherwise. I’ve been very happy with the quality of recorded books, and my students have enjoyed every story they’ve heard so far.—Angelina Scarson; East Avenue Elementary, grades 5-6

“We use three stations in our classroom of exceptional education students, English Language Learners, and Intensive Reading Students. Depending on where they start, each student transitions clockwise (electronically signaled) each 15 minutes to the teacher station (small group instruction), listening center (bean bags/pillows), or the technology center (computers, GeoSafar, piano, tv, karaoke). My students average a minimum of 2 years growth in each year. EVERY DAY our students come in and ask if they can read instead of go to technology!!!! I always kid them, “Hmmmm, let me think…this is reading class…ok…just the one time.” My formal and informal data document the enormous growth our students are experiencing. My classroom library now has over 500 books on tape/cd. Through many years of trial and error, I have finally figured out how to have 50+ students reading different as well as the same books. First of all, I purchased individual personal cassette players with headphones. Next, I numbered each headphone and cassette player. Then, I bought two 24-pair hanging shoe-pocket organizers and labeled each pocket with corresponding numbers. IMPORTANT – only use RECHARGEABLE batteries!! It’s best if you buy at least 125% of the number of batteries you need so you have plenty of recharging time!! (Otherwise, we have to “borrow” from other cassette players.) Of course, with the popularity of the CD, as well as the non-availability of the personal cassette players, I have now purchased 40 of the 50 CD players for our readers. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to see these “special” students engaged in the reading process.—Karon Stepan; Clifford Meigs Middle School, special education teacher, grades 6-8 (NOTE: If you are having trouble keeping up with equipment, try adding some Playaways to the mix! They are just as easy to use, and require no additional equipment.)

What are your ideas?

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