Win audiobooks for your school!

We are excited to announce the start of two contests that could win your school free audiobooks! Details and entry forms for both contests appear in our Spring 2008 catalog, but we encourage you to enter via the banners on this blog. We want to hear your innovative ideas!

CONTEST 1: When teachers and librarians collaborate, good things happen!
We want to hear your best idea for teacher/librarian collaboration using audiobooks. We know that when teachers and librarians work together, they are a powerful and inspiring team for students. Do you work together to explore a certain book or certain theme? Does the library help expand on ideas learned in the classroom? Perhaps a history teacher will collaborate with the librarian on a project about slavery instead of a
particular book, or a drama teacher might go after acting skills. Let us know how you work together, and you could win a free custom Recorded Books collection consisting of 10 Recorded Books on CD or cassette plus matching print books, plus 2 Recorded Books on Playaway with matching print books. Enter here or click on the red banner.

CONTEST 2: Guest host a Recorded Books teaching blog!
Do you have a good lesson that incorporates audio? Share it with other educators! We’ll give you the audio and print book needed for your lesson. Send us your lesson plan here (or click on the blue banner) for introducing an author or theme, or just getting students interested in reading. We’ll post your lesson plans and material for other educators to use on our blog—we’ll even include the downloadable audiobook!

We know that educators who use audiobooks are innovators, so show us your stuff! Send in entries for both contests by May 1, 2008 June 30, 2008 for your chance to win!

Also, check out this EdNews interview with Recorded Books’ school marketing manager for her perspective on why audiobook support is great and how educators can use it.

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2 Responses

  1. Audio books have increase fluency and the level at which my students are reading. They are great!

  2. I do family child care and we use audio books every day as the children like to listen to the book.

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