All your students can be confident readers.

wmes id In Part Three of our continuing series at White Marsh Elementary, 5th grade teachers Jennifer Cord and Laurie McGrath tell us how audiobooks help motivate students and make them all feel like confident readers …

Jennifer said …“It really came down to one thing—motivation. When I would put that CD in, the children took on a new attitude. They really thought, whether the text was easy or hard for them to read, that they were all on the same level, with me, and their classmates. They didn’t have to feel inadequate because they couldn’t read the book independently. They didn’t have to worry that they wouldn’t finish the chapter at the same time as other students, they all finished together and they all read at the same level.”

Laurie agrees …“So often, the lowest students in my room really feel like they are the lowest readers. With audio books, all the students are placed in a category together. No one has to be the embarrassed, out loud reader. They all get to listen to a quality voice, which has been trained in fluency and reads with such great expression.”

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