We’re on the radio!

On Air

A few of us at Recorded Books were recently a part of Dan Angelo’s radio program Education Today on KUCR (88.3 FM) of the University of California-Riverside in Los Angeles.

Dan is a college professor and an audio enthusiast, and has in the past recommended that his incoming freshmen use audiobooks to help get through English classes. He was curious about its K–12 applications. It was a lot of fun, and we might be back on the show again!

In on the interview was the Director of our school division, Will DeLamater, Marketing Manager Jean Stephens, school Writer/Editor Jennah Watters, and 5th grade teacher Jennifer Cord from White Marsh Elementary. Check out these audio clips of the show and let us know what you think!

Clip 1 discusses how the Recorded Books school division first started, and why most schools prefer unabridged audiobooks.

Clip 2 talks about the benefits of a “listen and read” format, how audio helps with comprehension and vocab, discusses the new Playaway product, and overviews how Recorded Books are made and how important narration is to the finished product.

In Clip 3 Jennifer talks about picking titles, and we discuss how audio is useful throughout the K-12 market, especially in middle schools. We also talk about audio for reluctant/non-readers and special needs students.

Clip 4 discusses mixed-ability classrooms and audio and the future of audio products and audiobooks in schools.

NOTE: All audio is (c)2008 Dan Angelo and Education Today and is used with permission. Audio is provided for personal use only – please contact KUCR radio for further inquiries.


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