More for K-12 on Playaway® than anyone else!

Recorded Books Playaway
Contrary to what you may have heard, there is not one exclusive seller of Playaway audiobooks. In fact, Recorded Books has the largest selection of Playaway for K-12 and is adding new titles every quarter!

If you aren’t familiar with Playaway, check one of these gadgets out. They are the newest thing in audiobooks. Each mini player (about the size of an iPod®) holds one entire book, ready to play. It runs on one battery, which is included along with a set of headphones. Everything needed to listen is included in one package. Kids love them because they’re fun, and teachers and librarians love them because they’re easy—no equipment needed! All kids have to do is pull them out of their desk or off the shelf, plug in the headphones and start listening. Special capabilities like voice speed control really allow students to take off.

To see the complete list of Recorded Books on Playaway, go HERE.

What titles or products do you want to see on Playaway? What do you think of Playaway and what have you heard about the product? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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6 Responses

  1. […] on Playaway than anyone else! recordedbooks added an interesting post today on More on Playaway than anyone else!Here’s a small […]

  2. I have never seen Playaways before, but they sound very cool. I am wondering if my intensive (reluctant and struggling) readers would actually use them. How many would I lose?

  3. You’re right, Playaways are very cool so reluctant and struggling readers respond to them enthusiastically. They give audio support with absolutely no stigma of remediation. I think your “intensive readers” would find them motivating.

    Also, one reason Recorded Books on Playaway are relatively safe from theft is that their function is limited to playing one book only. You can’t record over the content, you can’t connect to the internet, or call your friends, or download music. You can listen to the audio version of your book over and over again at your own discretion. This gives a struggling reader or an ESL learner or a special needs student independent control over his learning and study.

  4. Its not really worth the price.. You cant even load stuff onto it.. Simple= Lack of features..

  5. Well, in this case, simple may be best. No, they aren’t an ipod or other MP3 player, but that makes them better for schools in some cases! You don’t have to ever worry about losing the files, students can’t replace the files or upload their own music to use them for their own purposes, and they are less likely to be stolen than ipods. Buy classroom favorites and you’ll have them on Playaway to pass around for a long time.

    It doesn’t have a ton of fancy features, but it has the necessary ones to keep kids on track: automatic bookmarking, speed controls, and easy controls for skipping forward and backtracking. Many other features would be unnecessary for the standard usage anyway. What are some other opinions on Playaway?

  6. I am a Random House author of the book, Improv Wisdom and I own the audio rights to my book, which is now in a 6th printing in hardback. The book is used as a textbook at Stanford University and in many other schools.
    I am interested in making contact with someone at your company about offering the audio rights to my book.
    Who would be a contact person to make this offer?
    I LOVE your product. It’s a wonderful way to listen.
    Patricia Ryan Madson

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