Recent Reports on Adolescent Literacy

Advancing Literacy: Carnegie Corporation of New York Website Tracks Recent Reports on Adolescent Literacy

Those on the lookout for some summer reading should visit Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Advancing Literacy website, which includes a list of recently released reports on adolescent literacy. The Alliance for Excellent Education report Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas: Getting to the Core of Middle and High School Improvement is one of the featured reports. The website also includes information about reports from the National Academy of Education, the Migration Policy Institute, and the National Association of State Boards of Education, among others.

Advancing Literacy, part of a greater effort to improve the knowledge base on the teaching of reading after third grade, is devoted to disseminating research and sharing effective practices for reading instruction for older students. It provides tools for policymakers, parents, and educators and includes resources on the current state of adolescent literacy. It also explains why adolescent literacy matters and which adolescents are most at risk.

The Corporation plans to continue to identify, evaluate, fund, and promote information-sharing, research, and policy initiatives to remediate the crisis in adolescent literacy until it sees evidence that the crisis has been resolved.

More information is available at

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